Joan O'Reilly Profile

Joan O’Reilly, Principal,
Kerry School of Refloxology
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Advanced Testing

Advanced Testing for:
Food Intolerance. Allergy Sensitivities. Nutritional Deficiency.
Hormonal Profile. Mental or Emotional Stress. & Much More.
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The Kerry School of Reflexology is Accredited to the Federation of Holistic Therapists FHT and is  Affiliated to the British Medical Association also the Association of Physical &  Therapies Affiliated. Which means that successful completion of the Reflexology Diploma Course enables practitioners to become members of these organisations plus ARCHTI Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapies of Ireland, and a member of Irish Reflexology Institute of Ireland MIRI.

The Kerry School of Reflexology is run by
Joan O’ Reilly. FHT. MIRI. ARCHTI. APNT. BCMA. LicICHM. ISHom. Registered Reflexologist. Homoeopath & Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner & Trainer.

Mission Statement
My mission is to train and graduate highly qualified Reflexologists. Through Reflexology the client will have a positive state of health and wellness; and a harmonious balance through out their body.

What will the “Kerry School of Reflexology” qualification allow you to do?
On successful qualification, you will be invited to join the Irish reflexology Institute MIRI one of reflexology’s main bodies in Ireland as a member, also ARCHTI. This enables you to practice reflexology professionally and obtain professional insurance and be placed on the referral register so the IRI & ATCHTI can direct people looking for reflexology practitioners in your area to you.

Graduates who join the professional body are recognized by VHI, AVIVA and LAYLA health providers (conditions apply).

Reflexology is based on the principle that reflexes in the foot correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. By stimulating these reflex areas, the treatment directly corrects physical imbalances within the body and indirectly corrects emotional imbalance.